About Us
Why Devery?
Devery is a blockchain startup focused on secure product verification and counterfeit protection. Our technology aims to help brands improve customer engagement, prevent counterfeiting, prove provenance and track products throughout its lifecycle.
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The Leadership Team:
Andrew Rasheed (Founder & CEO) - Previously Ethstall and CoinWatch Touchbar & background in computing;
Chironjit Das (Operations and Finance) - Certified Practicing Accountant with experience in the retail industry. Formerly Tesco Stores;
Victor Eloy (Senior Software Engineer) - Experienced developer in leading enterprise solutions including SAP's Hybris platform. Specialties include Java and mobile application development;
Vaibhav Namburi (Senior Software Engineer) - Experienced developer in full stack and blockchain development and has worked for Fortune 500 and multiple ASX listed companies. Proven capability in leading teams of developers in delivering multi-platform solutions;
Spencer Dezart-Smith (Software Engineer) - Full stack developer experienced in building multi-platform software solutions;
Dan Drory (Software Engineer) - Front-end engineer from the Netherlands with extensive experience in front end devlopment for web applications and game design;
Charles Liu (Software Engineer & Researcher) - Experienced AI/Machine Learning, HCI, Development. Former R&D Researcher in Shenzhen, China. PhD Research;
Blaise Kuong (Software Engineer) - Former Software Engineer at NASA/JPL & IT operations at the US Antarctic Program and remote astronomical facilities;
Nadya Levina (Community) - Previous background includes roles as a game artist, 2D animator, developer, concept & project manager;
Harkirat (Hark) Sran (Community) - D.M.D Candidate and previously research assistant at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs;