Product Verification Protocol

A blockchain powered, open-source, product verification protocol.


Benefits to Businesses

As a business, you can only ensure produce is authentic through finding trusted suppliers.
Devery allows organisations selling products via e-commerce to ensure their supply chain is secure.
This prevents counterfeits and ensures supply agreements are honoured.

Secure Distribution

If a supplier does not honour terms of distribution, items can be marked as illegitimate. This ensures the organisation’s brand value remains untarnished.

Counterfeiting Protection

Items can no longer be counterfeited before purchase as the incentive to do so is greatly diminished.

Supply Chain Transparency

Socially conscious businesses can opt to provide the location of their products throughout the supply chain.

Benefits to Consumers

Consumers now have the ability to ensure the item they have purchased online is legitimate before it is posted. This removes the traditional problem of having to trust retailers online to provide legitimate items as the consumer can check an item’s validity using the Devery platform before purchase.

So What Is EVE Token?

EVE token is the native token of the Devery platform.
It is used to power the Devery verification platform which allows organisations to power the verification of products.

Prototype & How it Works

Devery provides the toolset to allow companies to build commercial verification applications on top of our protocol, fueled by our native EVE token.
We have released our alpha protocol on testnet. You can view this via our Github. At the conclusion of the crowdsale, EVE will be usable within the protocol.


Brands purchase EVE token and specify the amount of API key markings required.

In Development


Manufacturers mark the product with the code provided by the brand using the Devery platform.

In Development


Retailers verify the products to display available verfied stock on their storefront.

In Development


Customers log onto the application and input the code marked on the product in order to identify it’s authenticity. (Demo not connected to blockchain)

Our Team

Andrew Rasheed

Founder & CEO

Software Engineer
(Web & Blockchain)
Ethstall & Coinwatch Touchbar.

Chironjit Das

Community and Finance

Certified Practicing Accountant with experience in the retail industry. Formerly Tesco Stores.

Antoine Najjarin

Strategy & Legal

Lawyer with experience working in commercial firms and
with the Australian state government.

Charles Liu

Software Engineer & Researcher

Experienced AI/Machine Learning, HCI, Development. Former R&D Researcher in Shenzen, China. PhD Research.

Blaise Kuong

Software Engineer

Former Software Engineer at NASA/JPL & IT operations at the US Antarctic Program and remote astronomical facilities.

Bokky Poobah

Software Engineer
& Technical Advisor

Quantitative software developer for over 20 years. Respected smart contract security auditor. (Status, Cindicator, Stox, Bluezelle & More)

Dorjee Sun

Strategy and Logistics Advisor

COO of, a leader in crypto big data. He is also an advisor and investor into blockchain startups Powerledger, Dappbase and Virgil Capital an arbitrage hedge fund.

Alex Trottier

Retail and Supply Chain Advisor

Currently at a large retail startup with over 25 million monthly users. Previously Electronic Arts & CPO at Carmudi by Rocket Internet.

John Shi-Nash

General Advisor

Director of Incubation and Entrepreneurship at Macquarie University.
Experienced in venture investing and is a joint holder of over 20 medical patents.