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Devery built the Devery Protocol, a set of smart contracts enabling products to be marked on the blockchain, allowing such products to have a ‘digital passport’ that allows anyone to build services catered to the owners of those products. These can be product verification services, but may also cover utility such as usage tracking, marketing or even ownership disputes.

DeveryJS is the JavaScript framework that allows applications to interact with these smart contracts without knowledge of Solidity or advanced knowledge of the workings of the blockchain.
to enter
  1. Form teams of 1 - 3 people
  2. Read and understand the documentation of DeveryJS
  3. Formulate your ideas and start coding
  4. Create a new project on GitHub that you will submit
  5. For help, or any bugs that you may encounter, you can raise issues on the dedicated slack channel . Devery developers may jump in to help if it is related to to DeveryJS. Otherwise, feel free to crowdsource ideas on the slack channel.
  6. There is no restriction on collaboration
  7. Keep in mind the judging criteria when building
  8. Complete all submissions by the submission date and time
  9. If you use code from other sources, ensure correct attributions are indicated
  10. Ensure majority of work is original
  1. This contest is run by Devery to encourage the the use of DeveryJS and the Devery Protocol
  2. Judging is conducted by the selected judges according to the criteria presented. All decisions made by the judges are deemed final
  3. Devery urges all contesting teams to abide by fair play principles. Devery reserves the right to amend the rules of the hackathon to ensure that no team receives an unfair advantage
  4. All changes to the hackathon rules and requirements will be made available on this page
  5. A significant portion of the submission (>60%) must be deemed original. Where code or ideas are reused, appropriate attribution and citations must be made.
  6. Work on the submission must start only after the start of the hackathon
  7. Final submissions are due by the submission date
  8. Failure to adhere to any of the above rules may lead to disqualification
Judging Criteria
Category Judging Criteria Guidance on Judging Maximum Score
TECHNICAL Utilisation of Devery Protocol and DeveryJS This criteria is a qualifying criteria - failure to use this should disqualify the submission Pass/Fail
Did the team utilise Devery JS correctly? Did the team utilise a specifically important part of DeveryJS? 10
Did the team link the APIs correctly? 10
Code and construct Is the syntax of the code efficient? Did the team document the code? 10
Utility Does the application do what it is supposed to? 10
VISUAL UI / UX Is the user journey well thought out? Are there any issues or question marks on placement of elements? 10
Is the front end design well designed? 10
ORIGINALITY/UTILITY Originality How original / interesting is the concept of the application? 10
Importance Is it trying to solve an important problem? 10
Unique solution Is the take on solving the problem interesting / different? 10
Utility Can i use the application as it is to solve the issue? 10

Begins 26th of May 2019 for 2 weeks.

Good Luck!