Track and verify your products.
A decentralized protocol for developers to integrate blockchain verification technology.
We Provide
A digital passport for your products
Create an individual, immutable record of the data and identity of your products on the blockchain. These records can be used to accurately identify products around the world.
Track product authenticity individually
Each product can be recorded and tracked with a unique identifier. Consumers are able to read the history of each product they purchase.
Prove provenance and prevent counterfeiting
Legitimate products can be tagged with unique identifiers on the blockchain. This provides consumers with a unique digital seal, which represents that products purchases are genuinely manufactured by the owner and sold by a licensed retailer.
Improve customer interaction via secure verification
Customer and sale-engagement is increased through the ability to transparently view a product's legitimacy before purchase, increasing brand trust and reputation.
How does it work?
Developers integrate the protocol to enable products to be individually identified, tracked and verified. The Devery Protocol enables anyone to record and read product information on the Ethereum public ledger, effectively enabling a decentralized digital product passport.
Developers can integrate the Devery protocol and utilize functions or build apps that enable brands and companies ensure genuine products providing customized brand experience that drives customer loyalty and improved end user interaction. The Devery protocol is the decentralised layer abstracting the complexity of building verification apps upon the blockchain.
Devery allows an ecosystem of third-party verifiers that are interlinked through the Devery Protocol. Developers can create specialised applications to store data for their specialised markets, providing a flexible solution custom tailored to their requirements.
Harness the power of the Devery Protocol to build your own decentralised verification app using our open source Javascript framework, DeveryJS.
Build on DeveryJS